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tv   [untitled]    December 8, 2013 8:00am-8:31am PST

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we were at a street in the bayview this is where our folks are doing great work in the community. last but not least this is at the opera house. as you see one of our associates doing a recycling game with one of the community members. but just plugging into the event and also doing outreach is not just enough. one of the best ways to create behavior change is to speak to someone about their issues we have an associate who is doing an early morning waste assessment he's out there before 4:00 a.m. and in order to gather data about a specific resident
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issue. here we have another associate be wendy the walk she has has specific messages so they can be talked about they're specific challenged. she has material to give to the resident. and you know you've reached or you had an impact when you become in the zone. one thing i want to introduce during this campaign we found it some resident in the bayview just totally understood the program in respect posterers who got it. we have one here tonight and i'd like to introduce him. could you stand up please
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(clapping) and so to give you an overview of the campaign we talked to vooifrtd over 5 thousand resident and spoke to over 2 thousand resident in multiple languages 3 other than english and as a result of this campaign we had to add two new trucks to the routes in order to capture the extra diversions of this campaign (clapping.) and so to kind of wrap this up we look to replicate this across the city and hope to have a similar impact or even a better one. thank you.
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(clapping.) >> all right. thank you. thank you. questions thanks so much keith. fantastic. the community heros thank you for everything you do and geronimo we should give a shout out with our new man donny with his new edition to his family >> the coordinator for the department. >> all right. unless there's comments colleagues. that's fantastic. >> that was really good
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(clapping.) >> therapists fantastic. thanks another thanks to you geronimo. then it if he can move on >> oh, i'm sorry public comment on the item? the heros or. >> seeing now we go to oh, that stupid environment commission people their everywhere. all right. seeing no public comment >> a presentation and up to date of the bayview initiative and daniel the director the neighborhoods city administers office this is an informational presentation and discussion. >> so commissioners we've got a presentation as secretary fish mentioned we're happy to have
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daniel here today talking about the campaign we're excited on working together. >> i'll get caught up here. soon as the tech support come up >> while you're bringing that up you probably know we started the sf it's an initiative we're been working that the mayor's office and many city departments looking at what some of the risks brown will be to the city assets as a relates to seawater revises by another important component in addition to looking at infrastructure and assets is really making sure that community members know what the risks might be and they have the resources locally to address
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those issues. this self-just about infrastructure but about people and daniels going to be talking about that. >> all right. well we'll take a second while we get caught up with the item that building commissioners thank you for having me here. we're excited to be here in the bayview. and also want to acknowledging the barbara for hosting this tonight. she's been a key partner from day one we're blessed to actually come back here and launched this program in july with over 85 people in attendance and another team working aggressively on implementing this program for the last almost a year now. so it looks like we're not going
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to have a power point that's okay. it's about people tonight. i'm daniel i'll 9 director for the city and county of san francisco i'm honored to be joined here who is one the great leaders in this community. i thought we'd give us some background on our program and what we're attempting to do here and personal observations and values why my colleagues feels the environment is go. previously, i was the director of the mayor's office of 2345ibd services and we had a transformations experience i visited new orleans and katrina with mayor ed lee. a lot of folks went down there and bought into the media framing of what happened in new
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orleans they 106r9d had it coming what happened down there is because everyone is corrupt and they're in the south. we went down there to help the community rebuild but we found that what role happened in new orleans was a justice disastrous no one had to die in new orleans and half the resident wouldn't have 80 leave new orleans and never rupture. it was a engineering failure. everyone knew the left side were going to fail and everyone knew the seniors didn't have money in their bank account. everybody or everything there doesn't need to happen and mayor ed lee who we all know his roots
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are working with community and reverse associate injustice saw what happened and said i'm not going to let this happen in san francisco. he came back and said we need to get the neighborhoods to the table and let them have a sense of leadership. we are partnered with every city and every nonprofit and every university anybody who cared about neighborhood and said what can we do together to support neighborhood. i wanted to flaming frame this it's a bottom-up planning program that were we don't come to the neighborhood with a plan it's an aside based model we come to the table with as many resources i want to thank the
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environment commission but not in the thought of of you can have those money in you do this but how can we help you achieve our goal. it's a goal based model. this is the action plan based on what their goals are. how would you like our community to react in times of stress or how quickly would you like the neighborhood to be more like today and how would be impacted 20 years from today. this is about using this approach to bring leadership to the table and a strengthen their capacity to craft their plan and then behind them bring in the university and students and the nonprofits and the fountains and say we want to help you implement this vision and the
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only crack in place is if you want to work we'll work with you. we've been honored to have received our first funding officially two years ago from the center of disease control. which a lot of people don't know development areas of 6 hundred unit of affordable housing. they know they're on their own for many days after a disastrous and the residents are going to be relying on them. and they said we've smart enough to know we can do something about it now. so we getting got n that program up and running and connected with folks in the bayview and they want to learn more.
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fast-forward to the bayview opera house in july of last year where janet officially vera survived in lower moaning and helped people trapped in wheelchairs saw the seniors trying to carry food up to 13 floors and said we don't have to wait for that to happen in san francisco. and i so that sets forth the bayview project and over the months it's been inspiring to have over one hundred agencies across the table we have folks and work groups set up for elderly and to address 2k3w7b9 issues as well as families and
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children. we meet every month and maybe too much. i want to yield it to continue the story but acknowledging the wonderful support we've received from the environment commission and if you have any questions, we'll be happy to answer them and a good evening. before i start talking about the resilient bayview i'd like to say we've received at the province baptist church the money we've saved money from solar and it's remarkable we're able to take the money and put it back into the community. so resilient baby. province baptist church when we had the katrina we have the
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resident that lost their homelands we worked with the city of san francisco to houses a family of norld of 18 and after that we took up a collection and get them plumbing. we know and everybody in this room knows when the big one hit no one's coming the bayview they're going to the financial district. we know that if anything happens we have to take care of ourself for 72 hours get ready nobody's coming. i'm not saying this to be disrespect full. we're on landfill in the bayview so they might have to come here
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to get them help. this is the first time that any organization has came to the bayview to help us to ask us what we needed and not tell us what we needed or tell us how they can imagining make money on us that's about saving lives. we have vulnerable people in our community. and you don't have to be vulnerable which it comes to a national disaster if you're in n a wheelchair or a back up generate you don't have to worry about that but if you don't have one. if you have a church or facility with stairs and on a evacuation equipment to help them you're not prepared. if you're organization that
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clifrz food to the seniors and you can't get to that particular senior house but have a connection from our neighborhood then you can have that connection deliver the food to the house. the work we're doing with the neighborhood network is refusalsy. no community has really gotten together to make sure if you have two walgreens in your neighborhood one p will be open. the community are working with the police department and water department if our streets are blocked you will save some of the equipment in our community not taking the equipment out. the work we're doing is revolutionary we want to make sure people can at a in their
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homes go to work and come back home if you need water or food anything you need so you can stay in our home keep our people there so your home will not get robbed when you leave. when people in katrina left their homes were destroyed. we want to make sure we'll take care of the city and county of san francisco. you can bet on this it has to be all of us working together to the the nonprofits and city we need to know what we have and what resources we can work with including those food debt stopovers and that's another thing but we'll make sure we can take care of ourself. thank you for the funding because 9 work we're doing will
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save lives when it happens (clapping.) just to add to that in the lens of the environment commission and the real that the environment place is that many of the things you can do to make the community happier. we take a piece of of the bayview and we bring in urban mrarndz and give them a tool kit like solar panel and verdict in this case garden to modify 6 square blocks so for 7 days they can generate the water and food and power they need without outside help. so on sustainability and global
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warming and stuff like that are invaluable. we'll pout during the restoration recovery phase that's when the environmental feats kicks in. that you want to know the store of the vietnam people in san francisco had to get help the city brought in trash and dumped it next to them and they had to stop that like fighting a foreign nation payroll that's the kind of story i think that mayor ed lee left new orleans with. i want to absolute the members of the executive committee that includes wonderful leaders
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(calling names) the list goes on and on of the folks who are making meaningful contributions >> thank you so much for the presentation. since this is on tv and part of our mission we have an audience first of all, if there's any information about this make sure you let people know where you can grab information on their way out before the listening audience for those who may watch this again on their computers can you give out a phone or computer >> so the website is resilient >> special resilient. >> r e s u lecture e n t. >> so resilient and on
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the website is a briefing information this project is completely tranlts there's everything we generate. >> those people that. >> phenomenon 5547114. phone 554-7114. that's 2k57b8 homes >> all right. i'm catching up with him and your resilient. >> excuse me. do you have any literature for people. >> we didn't binge anything but actual we're in the neighborhood every month so if you go to resilient bay you can
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participate in the program. >> okay. great. >> all right. thank you very much. thank you (clapping.) i role appreciate everybody here i want our appreciate to kind of keep it short i want the people to hear the information and people need to go back home to therapy family i appreciate everybody coming out but at the same time, i want to be minded full i want to be sure that everyone can present >> i wanted to call for public comment but before i, ask the director i know the department race aphasia a new grant i wonder if you can talk about
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that and if we have partners to collaborator with this directly. >> so the san francisco foundation gave the department thirty thoughts and role working with the community and wanting to know what the community needs in times of stress. of course, daniel was talking about national disastrous like earthquake. and those could come from increased heat day that can have backs on resident in san francisco and sea level rising that's a community issue. so we are going to be working with apr i wore in discussion to make that happen so we can do community outreach with our trusted community partner. but it a 2015 project and we
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would like to have any member of the community to talk to us about this and as well as an advisory board. public comment on this item seeing none, and if i can just ask real quick sorry colleagues if you don't mind i can we're okay we lose a couple of commissions i know we don't want to lose our solar expert to have the conclusion to switch 8 and 9 of the continually. >> update open the environmental grant program speakers are
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program manager with grid alternative and jeffrey with the garden initiative this is an informational prorgs presentation. >> so commissioners and community members we thought that coming to the bayview here would be a great opportunity for annie who's our manager to give us status update on grant fund that have been tied up to be supporting community oeshgsdz additional projects. so annie q's is going to talk about what environmentalists and what works and challenges we continue too fast. and are looking forward to communities input. i want to thank annie for outlining all ore work over a
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decade. (clapping.) >> thank you to the whole team. >> yeah. by the way, everybody from bayview give yourself a hand the environmental justice program waltz ceded for all you people who wanted to close the bayview power plant. and this department has done such a a fantastic job of managing the money we're still giving grant out from the pot of money >> 12 years later. i'll be brief i have about a dozen slides i want to save time for jeff and lee i can't and from the gardens. so basically, the environment commission justice program is
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mindful of the bottom line we're not only paying attention in the environmental issues but the social issues we know there recent enter related to many of the skeshdz that are raised by the community. we have been iga out grants for 12 years and have provided over $12 million of kraktsd serving the bayview hunters point. we recognize 9 effectiveness of our program is depending upon the partnerships we have with community grouped and tried to nourish the support for the activities of the people who were trying to effect change in the neighborhood. we've supported school garden and willie brown junior academy
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and other school garden and community garden that jeff will speak on this. we've fund for example, temple rock garden at the alice grifshth and we've spent many, many years trying to address food secure issues we funded southeast alliance i'm sorry. south food access group. this work helps to us partner with the bayview farmers market several years we've served the opera. the local resident that were
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participating with the bayview family were able to have their community gardens certified as organic and it was locally grown fresh and organic. sorry. we provided nutritional educational opportunity & at the farmers market and through the nonprofits. we supported the effort to shut down the plant. i appreciate the hard work of the community resident in mcthis a reality. we supported several energy efficiency and energy projects we funded over one hundred solar installations in the bayview
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area. we supported green jobs along with the garden jobs we fund we supported some capital improvements for example, 11 years ago we funded the bayview community advocates and for solar training and their training of the now house it was a model house that have the parked next to at&t baseball park and when it was done, it was put on a barge and is at alice griffith used as a community center. so when i come here for meetings i i know that bayview residents help build that center. we have the ecosystem it's been complete and recently received